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First Rebecca Zamolo, uploaded “FACE REVEAL After Confronting Hacker! (24 Hours Letting Subscribers Control What We Do For a Day)”, Matt and Rebecca...Read more

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Matt found the Hackers Parents by surprising Rebecca's Best Friend!After Rebecca Zamolo created Tinder In Real Life Dating Game To Find New CRUSH...Read more

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We are back with another Pancake art Challenge. Last time we made holiday edible pancakes and it got a bit emotional with the announcement news. T...Read more

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I hope you enjoyed watching me try to bake a diy giant cinnamon roll- it was extremely satisfying to pour the frosting on top of it and I'm surprise...Read more

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February 15 2017 , by Rebecca Zamolo

Be sure to give this vid a THUMBS up if you liked it! If we hit 10k thumbs up I will do a PART 2 :) (and probably fail lol) Join the #ZamFam and let...Read more

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February 1 2017 , by Rebecca Zamolo

Give this a Thumbs Up if even though it was a Fail, you'd give it an A for Effort :) Join the #ZamFam and let's hit 700k!! http://bit.ly/1GscSWl S...Read more

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Tasting KFC Fast Food

July 18 2016 , by Rebecca Zamolo

Tasting KFC Fast Food SUBSCRIBE TO ME! http://bit.ly/1GscSWl SHARE THIS! https://youtu.be/iHtZ4uLOFY8SUBSCRIBE to my Hubby Matt Slays: https://go...Read more

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June 22 2016 , by Rebecca Zamolo

Making Homemade NUTLELLA POPTARTS! I did so many things wrong- but they still were delicious!Try making it too! I couldn't find a link to the reci...Read more

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Testing AS SEEN ON TV Products-Stufz

March 28 2016 , by Rebecca Zamolo

Testing AS SEEN ON TV Products: Stufz SUBSCRIBE TO ME! http://bit.ly/1GscSWl SHARE THIS! https://youtu.be/0-EYi8VbT2gBe sure to subscribe to my Hu...Read more

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YUMMY NUMMIES Candy Sushi w/ JoJo Siwa

March 21 2016 , by Rebecca Zamolo

Yummy Nummies Mini Kitchen Magic Candy Sushi w/ JoJo Siwa Check out the video we did on JoJo's Channel: http://youtu.be/tjtp6OEEvhISubscribe to ...Read more

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