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Rebecca Zamolo has the WORST time traveling pregnant for 24 hours after she wins a trip to Hawaii from the Game Master Inc. Watch my next video 24 H...Read more

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Finally Telling The Truth!

February 23 2018 , by Matt and Rebecca

You have been asking for us to tell you the truth so here it is... Sorry if this comes as a surprise.Make Sure To Hit the ? & Turn on Our Notif...Read more

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I Almost Forgot The Flowers!!!

February 15 2018 , by Matt and Rebecca

I made a huge mistake and not sure how I can fix it. I am sorry.Make Sure To Hit the ? & Turn on Our NotificationsSHARE THIS VIDEO - https://yo...Read more

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Rebecca announces that she was going to be a Mom and we watch the video with our family to see their reaction to our big announcement prank.Make...Read more

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Check out the latest spy hacker laser escape room video:https://youtu.be/32LFLjDk0Oo This LIVE pregnancy test and pregnancy simulator got extremel...Read more

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July 20 2017 , by Matt and Rebecca

I can't believe this is happening! Will it be a boy or a girl?Make Sure To Hit the ? & Turn on My NotificationsSHARE THIS VIDEO - https://youtu...Read more

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