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While searching for RZ twin she confronts Matt for a battle royale!

When Matt Slays and Rebecca Zamolo were busy tricking Matt for 24 hours at the house they decided to do challenges in the backyard on the slip n slide to decide their fate. Daniel is still missing and RZ twin has been reactivated so there is a lot at stake. Rebecca, Matt and Maddie are now looking for Daniel and RZ twin at the lake of secrets. They all enter through the tunnel system and start the search. They witness a secret meeting with Agent S and Mr X talking about the key is available at the house. They put a tracking device on Maddie that is voice activated. Rebecca and Maddie split up with Matt and go back to the house to protect the key. Matt continues to search for Daniel and start being an uber driver for the GMI. RZ twin confronts him and is now evil. Will they be able to find the key in time?

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