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Rebecca and I do the What’s in the Box challenge with some of the grossest most insanely odd things in the box. Let us know if you want us to do a part 2.

Check out the Video we did on Rebecca’s channel:
RECREATING CRINGY BABY ANNOUNCEMENT PHOTOS – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFL7NdaoWVA

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A Little about me:
I started in the music business on the TV Show called Making the band on ABC & MTV as a singer songwriter. Later I joined a boy band called Townsend and we completed a middle school tour & opened for Jessica Simpson, Dream Street & Aaron Carter. Later we shot a music video and thats where I met my wife Rebecca Zamolo. We make videos every week on her channel so please check them out every Monday at youtube.com/rebeccazamolo1. I am now making my way through the video world with a combination of Vloggin, Challenge videos, Songwriter Saturdays and music videos. Most of all, I just love to have fun and I hope you do too with the channel.


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