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Rebecca Zamolo lets the Creepy GIRL control her life for this 24 hour challenge and must delete her youtube channel!

Rebecca Zamolo is working with the Game Master incorporated to save the Gamemaster before Halloween. Matt and Rebecca competed in a Last to stop moving challenge against the GMI and won the safe house location. Today, Rebecca and Matt join the agents to trick the Halloween hacker. We decide to let the creepy girl control our lives for 24 hours so we can build the Roblox anchor and trick the hacker. The 24 hour challenge is the secret code to activate the creepy doll. Best prank wins for the first challenge. Agent R stays hidden under a blanket to surprise Matt while Rebecca plays a funny prank on Agent S using a water bottle. Agent S makes Rebecca face her biggest fears when he does the best prank using a creepy clown halloween costume. The second round is a chapter 2 fortnite dance challenge which includes dance moves like the floss and worm. We secretly take turns building the Roblox and Minecraft anchor during the dances. Round 3 is last to fall on the hoverboard wins so Rebecca pranks Agent S with a snake to make him fall. Matt and the other agent do a battle royale to see who wins. For the final challenge we compete in don’t chose the wrong Starbucks cup and Rebecca must delete her youtube channel. Can we trap the creepy girl and stop the hacker in time? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment comedy videos in 2019!

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Video Source Published 2019-10-30 20:31:10

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