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Matt and Rebecca DIY a Giant Bridge made out of boxes and other household items.

After Rebecca Zamolo played hide and seek with the hacker at their safe house Matt and Rebecca bought everything they touched for 24 hours. Now they have found another device in the bottom of the pool and need to recover it before the quadrant wakes up. Daniel, Matt and Rebecca all split up to find a way around the motion sensors. They must build a bridge using boxes, containers and a slip n slide. If they can do it in time they can use the spy gadget to get the piece from the bottom of the pool. They are on a timer so time is important to help the game master get the computer devices. If they wake up it might turn back into a chase or a battle royale outside. Once they have all of the pieces built using DIY skills they aren’t long enough. Matt and Daniel combine their builds and it doesn’t reach. They have a plan to use them to jump and slide across the pool. Will they get across in time? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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