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The GM shows his face while we attend a secret meeting with the Rebecca Zamolo Twin Disguise. Whatever we do we dont open the wrong hacker mystery box or do the Pause Challenge who wins $10000!

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After Matt and Rebecca attend a secret meeting dressed up in the RZ twin disguise for 24 hours we decided we needed to figure out a way to save the game master as he is still missing. Matt receives a mysterious message on his apple watch from the Gamemaster saying he escaped the quadrant overnight and needs our help. It was a little suspicious as he said he wanted to take off his mask and show us his true identity. This could be like when we had a battle royal and Rebecca found the mask of the quadrant so we needed to make sure we train our ninja skills. We then heard a noise on the roof and went up searching for any clues. There was a box with a note inside showing coordinates on our GPS. We drove to the location hoping that we can get out quick and not make this into another 24 hour challenge overnight at 3am. There we saw the Game Master Mask. Who could the game master be? Maybe its Chad Wild Clay or Stephen Sharer? Could we find out who he is tonight or will we have to solve more riddles? Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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