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Rebecca Zamolo finds a secret hidden message on a bottle and they decide to trust it and spy on the Quadrant overnight.
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Rebecca Zamolo had the RZ twin spying on her when she did the DONT Trust Fall into the Wrong Mystery Pool Challenge and let you decide with Ro Pansino. Matt and Rebecca realize the Game Master is missing after RZ twin hacks his channel so they begin searching for him with their cameraman Daniel. In today’s video, Rebecca finds a hidden message of mysterious coordinates on a soda bottle by using a spy gadget black light to look at it. This was supposed to be a secret, but the GM gave Daniel an encrypted undercover message in his video that had to decode. I decide to attend the meeting wearing a disguise to get new information about why the game master is missing and his location. I’m not sure the exact time of the meeting but I hope it doesn’t turn into an overnight challenge at 3am. Matt and Daniel stayed hidden while I spoke to a member of the quadrant and tried to get clues. I’m not sure if he was a YouTuber like Chad Wild Clay or Carter Sharer because he was similar in height. Everything was going according to plan until they noticed the real RZ twin coming. I wish this was the pause challenge so I could just leave without her or anyone in the spy network noticing. I didn’t want this to turn into another battle royale so I escaped as quickly as possible. The quadrant heard us spying in the bushes and began chasing us. Do you think we escape and find the missing Game Master? Thank you for watching my PG entertainment comedy videos for in 2019!

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