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Rebecca Zamolo and RZ Twin are identical twins that switch places for 24 hours to trick her husband Matt and best friend Daniel. Rebecca and RZ Twin do a twin swap at the Game master safe house and set up hidden cameras to reveal the truth. Matt and Rebecca have been recruiting YouTubers to join the Game Master network but Matt started acting suspicious after the Merrell Twins twin telepathy test in the backyard. Rebecca tells the boys that they need a day to catch up on their spy ninja skills and hacking Roblox games, but that is not the truth. She starts doing ninja training with Daniel then RZ twin replaces her. Daniel doesn’t realize she’s in disguise and knocks him down with her advanced ninja skills. Rebecca tricks Matt by pretending to cook and actually ordering McDonalds instead, Her twin accidentally destroys the meal and Rebecca must do damage control. While Daniel is trying to use his hacker skills and hack into the Red Hood’s private network, RZ twin sneaks in and hacks into it. Daniel becomes suspicious and has her play a Roblox game. Should Rebecca confront her husband Matt who she thinks is working for the Quadrant?
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