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Rebecca Zamolo tries jumping through shapes challenge into the gamemaster pool to win during GM training.
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Rebecca Zamolo created GAME MASTER FACE REVEAL after Battle Royale in Real Life (Learn how to use Lightsaber with new mask), Matt and Rebecca uploaded First to Fruit Ninja Wins $10,000 Challenge! (Game Master Clues Hidden inside Piñata in real life) they discovered a secret hidden clue inside a giant watermelon with GPS coordinates to the Gamemaster safe house in Texas. Since they were in Dallas for Digicon the GM decided that they needed to continue game master training with Q who is a member of the quadrant. When they arrived they didn’t want to do a full house tour when they found an impossible shape floating in the pool in the backyard. Could this be another 24 hour challenge overnight at 3am? They receive a video message not on their iPhone that told them the rules to the challenge. Rebecca knew if they didn’t complete this they might have to do another battle royale in real life. Matt remembered the challenge was broken down into 3 rounds. The Zamfam voted on instagram where you decide what shape they go into next. Q doesn’t want to reveal his true identity but it might happen if his mask falls off. Who wins and is this a $10,000 reward? Can we trust Q and do you think we should give him a lie detector or is he a double agent working for the red hood? Thank you for watching my PG entertainment comedy videos for in 2019!

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I’m Rebecca Zamolo and you can hang with me here:
▶ https://instagram.com/rebeccazamolo
▶ http://twitter.com/rebeccazamolo

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