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Rebecca Zamolo wants to find the truth and I dont trust Daniel after he let the GM spy escape in less than 24 hours.
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Rebecca Zamolo spent 24 hours in a Treehouse escape room in real life with Game Master spy RZ twin. Matt and Rebecca ended up escaping a Quadrant Meeting in Game Master Warehouse and the cameraman true identity reveal clues at 3am. We are still exploring each secret location and solving clues and riddles to stop E2 . In today’s video we unmask RZ twin and do a face reveal before she answers our questions. Daniel brings the lie detector mixture so she will tell the truth. We hope to learn how to stop the quadrant and find the missing GM. She reveals that spy ninjas are training for the next event called E2. This event will be more giant than the Dollhouse escape room. Since she already did a face reveal, we aren’t able to play two truths and a lie like Chad Wild Clay and Vy Qwaint. We hear a mysterious noise on our roof and it turns into a battle royale between Matt and a quadrant member. Thankfully Matt wins, but we soon realize RZ twin ended up escaping. Since we don’t trust our cameraman, we set up a hidden camera and the footage found proof he helped her escape. Do you think Daniel is a secret spy working for the Quadrant? Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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