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Rebecca pranks her husband Matt with the lost wedding trick but it goes completely wrong and turns into the worst idea ever!

After Rebecca Zamolo became a Mermaid for a day it started raining and they had to come inside. Daniel and Rebecca came up with an amazing idea to prank matt for 24 hours in tricking him to think the lost his wedding ring. This is the first time the game master hasn’t visited us in a long time. Maybe the GMI is real? Rebecca started making diy fluffy slime and made the worst ever. Matt walked in and Rebecca asked him to help. He took off his wedding ring so it wouldn’t get messy. Daniel picked it up but Matt surprised him and he accidentally put it inside of a garbage bag on the table. Daniel went to get more activator and Matt took out the garbage. When they came back in Matt had thrown away his ring. Once Matt realized it was gone he started searching. Daniel and Rebecca realized what happened and they went to the trash site to find it using spy gadgets. Matt had to make a new one using DIY do it yourself techniques. Rebecca couldn’t find it and decided to go buy a new one at the store. When they couldn’t find one she decides to go back to the house to tell Matt the truth. When they got into the telsa there was a member of the quadrant waiting to tell him secret information. They need to get to Rocky to rescue him. Will they find Rocky in the next 24 hours?

Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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