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Rebecca Zamolo must prank the Halloween hacker after the Game Master reveals the GMI master plan. We now know the Game Master is real after he did a face reveal with his new mask. Today, Matt and Rebecca sneak into I like scary movies to spy on the Halloween hacker. Its husband vs. wife prank wars when Rebecca and Matt decide to split up and best prank wins. You decide who has the best prank! Matt sets up the first diy prank and hides behind a curtain. He uses a marshmallow prank to trick him and a money prank to bring him to Rebecca’s room. Rebecca makes a funny DIY prank with oreos and toothpaste along with a fake bug inside a candy bar. The Halloween hacker eats the candy and treats and runs away. Matt gets trapped inside with him and must distract using soap. Matt escapes to find Rebecca and it turns into hide and seek. They race to be first to find the hidden device while pranking him as a mummy. We aren’t sure if the Game Master found the device, but the creepy doll appears and we escape. Do you think the creepy doll was spying on us? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment comedy videos in 2019!

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