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Who is breaking into our House and what are they searching for?

Rebecca Zamolo opened a candy store in our backyard to trick and trap the queen of gems. That was all after Matt and Rebecca watched Matt go on his first date with Mr X in disguise to reveal secret gifs and funny memes. The Real Game Master found someone living in the secret room inside our house. Now we need to see who we can trust. We trapped the queen of gems but Daniel is in big bear so we travel to our cabin. Matt and Rebecca along with Maddie make a stop to get some candy for the QOG. Pawzam dogs watch over her to make sure she doesn’t escape. When they get to the house they look for spy gadgets in the garage and put the dogs in a safe house. The tracking device on Daniel shows him at the treehouse. When Matt arrives in his Telsa X there is a very strong signal. When the device points to the trees Rebecca found the spy gadget. Daniel escaped. In the treehouse they look for clues but find love notes from someones crush. The alert goes off at the house who is breaking in? Rebecca and Matt get back and see the house is destroyed. Maddie found clues that it might be the queen of gems but when they look back in the car she was there the whole time. Who did this? Was this Daniel? We need to crush these things. Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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Gamemaster Spy Ninja Video Here

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