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Rebecca Zamolo and the Merrell Twins do the twin telepathy slip n slide challenge in the Game Master backyard and try not to chose the wrong game master mystery box. The girls were on a chase from the quadrant and have to hide before escaping to the Game Master safe house. Once inside, the twins and Rebecca see two slip n slides in their backyard like the Labrant Fam and begin the challenge. Matt and Rebecca want to test the twins spy ninja skills of twin telepathy and you decide if they will join the game master network. We found out the Red Hood hacker is possibly a YouTuber couple so we need to bring in recruits that have spy skills and ninja skills. Rebecca asked her fans on Instagram what items to put in slide 1 while the other is just water. Rebecca decides to do a twin swap like Brooklyn and Bailey with RZ Twin to see if Vanessa and Veronica notice. This is the first time RZ twin has gone on an inflatable waterpark slide, but must trick the twins to thinking she is me. Do you think the girls will notice before 24 hours? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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