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Rebecca Zamolo challenges the GMI agents in a Last to Leave the Pool Game to decipher the mysterious hidden message!

Rebecca Zamolo must challenge the GMI agents in a last to leave the pool for 10,000. Matt and Rebecca decide to split up and have Rebecca get chased by GMI agents into the underground tunnel in their cabin. Matt sets up a hidden camera inside the closet and they trap the GMI agents inside. They have all the hidden clues from the three pumpkins but cant decipher the hidden message. After spying on the agent conversation we learn the key to uncover the code is to hold it up to the light. Rebecca and Matt trick the agents and they agree to compete in the last to leave the pool challenge. They must be first to win to reveal the truth about the Game Master or they will lose the clues. For round 1, the group must go on inflatable floaties. Matt is eliminated when he dives for a camera.Matt decides to prank agent S with a diy snake which makes him jump out of the pool. For the final round Rebecca and Agent R wear mermaid tails and have a battle royale. Since Rebecca wins, the agents reveal the Game Master has a new mask! Matt reveals the secret code is that the database is D2 and it turns into a chase. Will this turn into a hide and seek inside our cabin? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment comedy videos in 2019!

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