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Matt rescues Rosanna Pansino while searching for clues and found the RZ Twin.

After Rebecca Zamolo tried pranking her husband for 24 hours the RZ twin sent Daniel a message telling them to get to Rosanna Pansino’s House fast. They tell Ro what is going on and she asks Rebecca to help her distract her clone in thinking they were doing a DIY Slime Video. Matt and Daniel go upstairs and start searching for the Ro Clone. It feels like they are playing a mix of hide and seek along with Hello Neighbor in real life. They found several areas and probably the best hiding spot but couldn’t find the clone. Daniel suggests they go downstairs and sneak around without being heard. They couldn’t find her at the pool so they keep searching. Possibly they could be by the secret meeting? They look around the area just like when they played minecraft or roblox. Rebecca and Ro keep making real food vs slime food and the best slime wins. After one more look upstairs they find the clone and the chase starts. Everyone goes into the backyard but it might be too late. When they get around the corner RZ twin is waiting. What is she doing there? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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