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Rebecca Zamolo made a giant gymnastics fort for Hide and Seek with RZ Twin!

Rebecca Zamolo saw a secret video of RZ Twin ninja training at a gymnastics facility but when they arrived she was missing. Matt and Rebecca decided to trick RZ twin by pretending to do a fun gymnastics challenge where they build a giant fort. The best friends would then find the best hiding spot and search for her. The Game Master incorporated has been hacking into our channel since we signed the contract and we need to talk to RZ twin who can reveal the truth. Matt and Rebecca begin making the giant fort mansion and every 2 minutes they must do a gymnastics skill. Rebecca decides to do a back flip on the tumble track and Matt does the uneven bars. Daniel is the worst gymnast but tries the balance beam. This is the tallest fort we have ever made. RZ Twin stays hidden while we secretly try to find her. The next gymnastics tricks are in the pit where we can search for her. Rebecca does a back full twist off the vault while Matt flips into the foam pit. Once the giant gymnastics fort is finished Rebecca thinks RZ twin is still missing. Daniel notices her sneaking outside and it turns into a chase. They have a secret meeting where she reveals the truth about the GMI. Do you trust RZ Twin as a part of the Game Master network? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment comedy videos in 2019!

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