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We hope it doesn’t turn into a Mr. Beast challenge where he rode every roller coaster ride to find the hidden code. Matt and Daniel notice a Game Master inc. agent when the best friends arrive at the theme park, but try to keep it a secret from Rebecca. Rebecca loves this challenge being pregnant and begins dancing in between each ride. The first ride is on the baby shark and they don’t discover any clues or hidden treasure. Matt gets dizzy and sits out a ride. Next is the dragon which was epic. Matt rejoins Rebecca and Daniel and they go and get dip and dots to distract Rebecca. She can’t know there is a mysterious agent so they play a small game of hide and seek. RZ twin then sends a dm to Daniel and it shows a secret meeting. They go on it twice just like when Rebecca traveled for the first time pregnant. Finally they go on the ferris wheel and the pregnancy belly unlocks a hidden key. Right afterwards Rebecca receives a text from an unknown number and it is her from the future. Their dogs are missing.

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Rebecca Zamolo rode her first roller coaster ride pregnant!

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