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Rebecca is trapped at the Queen of gems hacker wedding in fairy tale castle!

Rebecca Zamolo recently tried being a wedding planner in disguise for the Queen of Gems Mr. X. Right after that Matt and Rebecca created Matt saying yes to everything Rebecca says for 24 hours straight. Now Rebecca has a vision before waking up in the hacker castle. She is hurt and might need to take a trip to the emergency room at the hospital. The Game Master says he took her memories and they are only missing on the reactivator. Matt meets with Daniel outside the castle where he has been spying. There has been a shining member outside and they decide to go under cover as the catering staff. Maddie is hypnotized by Mr X and the queen of gems controls her life for a day. Rebecca meets the queen and one of the hackers that looks like Zoe leaves her a mysterious message with a clue in real life. Daniel and Matt have a battle royale and sneak inside. They found Zoe who is no longer missing. Zoe and Daniel have an argument but come up with a master plan. Matt and Daniel start searching for Maddie and Rebecca who are both missing. When they arrive on the rooftop they witness a wedding but don’t have a wedding invitation. Its like they are crashing the wedding. Rebecca has to dance and pretend that she is hypnotized. All of the hackers have a tik tok flash mob but Mr X sneaks away. The secret is reavealed that Maddie will be adopted. Can Rebecca stop the evil Queen? Can Daniel and Matt escape an escape room? How will they all escape with the gems? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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Gamemaster Spy Ninja Video Here Published 2020-06-13 14:07:19

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