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Rebecca Zamolo was inspired by Faze Rug to do this Last to Shower challenge for the Game Master remote.

After Rebecca Zamolo posted Creepy dolls controls our Lives for 24 Hours! (Pranks to Trick Halloween Hacker), Matt and Rebecca uploaded Trapping Hacker and Destroying Creepy Doll to Save Game Master, and got the safe box for Mr. X’s true identity. To avoid a battle royale with the GMI agents the couple must play last to shower wins $10,000 to retrieve the Game Master remote. They have 1 minute to find food items inside the house and backyard for the mystery wheel. We hope this doesn’t turn into a 24 hour overnight challenge and the agents fail. Matt goes first and the game instantly gets messy. It becomes an awkward situation when Agent R must jump into the pool with his suit and does a face reveal without glasses. Both men decide to shower and lose the challenge.
Rebecca has chocolate syrup poured on her head and it sticks in her straight hair but she wants to win. This is the worst challenge! Finally Agent S gets his worst food and decides to shower. Rebecca is the overall winner and gets a clue to work the GM remote. Rebecca now must get the fingerprints of a YouTuber target to activate the remote. Do you think it’s the Labrant Fam or Merrell twins?
Thanks for watching my PG entertainment comedy videos in 2019!

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