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Last to say no challenge goes wrong!

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Rebecca Zamolo found that Maddie is liar during a twin telepathy challenge with RZ twin. That was right after Matt and Rebecca realized that Maddie’s crush might not make it during an emotional goodbye. Now Daniel used hacks to access her cousin’s camera roll which revealed a secret unlisted video of a best friend tag with her new best friend. However they work for the RHS who is trying to take down Rebecca. Why would Maddie betray us like this? After looking through her minecraft and roblox accounts Rebecca got a vision from RZ twin. We put on the necklace from the game master and Matt starts drawing. It is like the last to say no challenge wins in real life. Matt stats drawing and whatever he draws we buy or try to find. After searching Matt and Rebecca found pieces to a note and have to the put them together but the RHS Spies show up and they need to escape. Can they get out with this new information about how to defeat Mr. X? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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