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After Rebecca Zamolo created Hide and Seek in the DARK at 3AM inside HACKER Mansion! (Game Master Network Chase), Matt and Rebecca uploaded Our Dog Is Missing with New Clues Found at Hacker Mansion, The Real Game Master then tried Rescuing Rocky from the Quadrant Hacker! (Game Master Network First Mission). We now know that we need to stop e3 before the hacker group can take over youtube. When Rebecca spent 48 hours in our backyard she found a spy phone. We used it to hack into the quadrant safe house before doing a twin telepathy challenge and it might come in useful now. Daniel was able to open it using DIY hacks kind of like a do it yourself. We uncovered photos of the Quadrant, Rebecca’s Cousins pool when we did our last 24 hour challenge. Also there were clues to lead us to the hacker mansion in real life. Should we go back and try to defeat the game master spy? It looks like he also snuck into our house and took the remote hopefully not for the pause challenge. If we find Q again we need to make him do a face reveal and take a lie detector test. Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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