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Rebecca Zamolo must find the imposter so she doesn’t have to reveal her big secret!

Rebecca Zamolo created “Becoming a MOM to Siblings for 24 Hours Challenge! (Sisters Spy and Test)”, Matt and Rebecca then did 100 DARES in 24 Hours Challenge! The Imposter is AMONG US! The Game Master network made Daniel do a Hot Vs Cold Challenge ASMR Game to Find Imposter from Hocus Pocus. The Halloween Hacker trapped Rebecca and her best friends inside their house to play Among us in real life. Whoever wins the 3 rounds is able to reveal a secret of one of the players. Once the hacker teaches everyone the rules they must compete in challenges to defeat the imposter. Once the game starts the first to finish wins $10,000. The funny part about this challenge is that they are easy games that people love. If only they were playing a hot vs cold challenge it would be simple. These games are like they are playing a spooky Halloween event. Who do you think will win and who will have their secret revealed? Is Daniel good or evil and can we defeat Mr. X like in Hocus Pocus in real life? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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Original Video Published 2020-10-24 14:04:01

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