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Yes we are officially Pregnant!

Rebecca Zamolo created We Crashed Real Zoom School Classes by Hacking In and it was a bad idea. Matt and Rebecca then posted We Surprised Maddie’s Crush and Opened a McDonald’s in Our House! The Game Master Network plays among US but everyone is SUS to find the imposter. Now in order to get the next device Rebecca invites the Royalty family to play a giant game of Among us in real life but we’re pregnant. We need to use the pregnancy bellies to hide the device the Halloween hacker said they have. Rebecca is the imposter the first game and Maddie becomes a ghost. Ali and Ferran think Rebecca is sus and win. Daniel tries sneaking into Ali’s backpack but they don’t trust him. Matt gets caught not doing tasks and they think Matt is the imposter but with no IQ. After the emergency meeting they reveal the imposter is still among us in real life. Can we trust the Halloween Hacker? If this plan works we will be able to be one step closer to getting the incredigem from the Halloween hacker. Do you think we might have to be incredibles in real life but part 2? Hopefully we can all be friends at the end of this even if we don’t win $10,000! Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

The Royalty Family

The Game Master Network App
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