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Rebecca Zamolo hosts a giant carnival in her house but what happens next will shock you. Rebecca Zamolo recently created “100 Mystery Buttons Only One Will Let you Escape Biggest Fear.” That was right before Matt and Rebecca uploaded “DANIEL IS THE GAME MASTER… Going Through Camera Roll at Mystery Carnival.” Finally the Game Master Network made “An Evil Piggy Got Rebecca, Roblox Game in Real Life.” Now in order to get back Daniel Rebecca must host a giant carnival party in her house but this means she might have to face her biggest fear of creepy clowns. Once everyone arrives they are forced to play challenge games and compete to be in the inner circle. If you win this challenge you might one day be the boss at the circus. Who is the boss? Who is the ringmaster. This feels like the greatest show man in real life. We have to be careful because if anyone finds out we are clowns in disguise it might turn into a battle royale. Since there are so many creepy clowns at our house they might stay for 24 hours. Do you think we can survive this challenge and who do you think is sus? Maybe we can do a lie detector test once and for all to find the truth and the liar! Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021!

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