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Rebecca Zamolo planned a giant heist to stop Kingpin’s New Years resolution.

Rebecca Zamolo set up a surprise giant dating game for first kiss with celebrity crush! Then Matt and Rebecca realized that Maddie is missing for over 24 hours. Finally the Game Master Network had to try confronting Matt’s best friend to find missing puzzle on camera roll in 24 hours. Now Rebeca is home alone and needs to stay safe so she sets up traps as two red hood spies try to take her. She is surprised when two rhs take her to the hospital for an emergency visit. Rebecca’s best friends are trapped there. Rebecca has a secret meeting with kingpin and the plans change. It is a set up by RZ Twin and Mr X which will turn into a giant heist in real life. If they can pull this off Rebecca will save her best friends. The RHS are nice and have a surprise party for 10 million subscribers. Next they do viral tiktok and Rebecca is having a great time until the Karaoke. The lyrics are sus and where are her friends? Finally the boss lady arrives and stops the party they now have Rebecca’s eye scan, fingerprints and voice recognition. Daniel was able to hack while trapped in prison. Do you think Rebecca can escape or will she be trapped in prison a the RHS hospital for over 24 hours with no way to escape? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

Spy on the Red Hood Spies – https://www.instagram.com/officialredhoodspies

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