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Rebecca Zamolo tried using only one color to trick your best friends and it was a bad idea. That was right before Matt and Rebecca faces her biggest fear of clowns in a magic tricks on best friend. Earlier the Game Master Network found out a clown broke into our house in an extreme hide and seek challenge. Now that Matt and Robbie Rob tricked Mr Nice Guy into giving them a box, the youtube squad opens and unbox to see whats inside. It’s a creepy doll again. Matt destroys it by throwing it away. Since they are at a gymnastic gym Rebecca has the best idea. Why don’t we do a giant Roblox vs gymnastic in real life. Since Maddie hasn’t done this challenge before this would be more of a noob vs pro. Rebecca teaches everybody how to do different flips and tricks in the gym. Matt receives a mysterious text from the evil or good Mr X. Matt and Robbie Rob leave for a princess date so they can work with him to make Daniel good again. Do you think this plan will work or is it a bad idea. If everything goes wrong they might have to do a battle royale. Who do you think will win this noob vs pro challenge in real life? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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