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Is there an imposter among us? Download and play Cooking Diary for FREE today – https://bit.ly/372C5u2

First Rebecca Zamolo posted Becoming a MOM to Siblings for 24 Hours Challenge! (Sisters Spy and Test), that was right after Matt and Rebecca uploaded I am the IMPOSTER! Surprising My Friends in HOCUS POCUS Movie in Real Life for 24 Hours! Earlier in the week the Game Master network created Hot Vs Cold Challenge ASMR Game to Find Imposter from Hocus Pocus! Now in order to activate the mysterious camera we need to do dares on each other. Maybe if we do 100 dares in 24 hours it will unlock and let us take a photo. Matt has to do so many embarrassing dares that the zamfam gave him on instagram. Do you think it will unlock the camera? Do you think there is someone working against us like an imposter among us? In real life this might be the scariest thing we have done. Also, can we trust Daniel? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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