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I, Rebecca Zamolo, found my emotions control my best friends during inside out in real life.
Matt and Rebecca then uploaded if you say no you have to remove a layer of clothing challenge.
The Game Master made game master put us on lock down for 24 hours at our house. Now Rebecca must try to escape from 24 hours trapped in a dollhouse. But her best friends are hypnotized. After they realize they are trapped they all hear a sound and go to the dining table. It gets funny because Rebecca tries to explain the awkward situation. Matt and Daniel tell jokes and make fun of what is going on not realizing they are hypnotized. The noise happens again and Rebecca’s best friends walk into Maddie’s room just like in a room tour. Rebecca has twin telepathy with RZ twin and says she needs to build the device. Maddie gets in a battle Royale with Matt and Daniel. Girls are stronger than boys in this challenge. Once they escape Rebecca must use the device. Do you think it will work or will the best friends be trapped longer than 24 hours in a dollhouse. Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021!

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