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Rebecca Zamolo needs to complete this 24 hour challenge so she can escape!

After Rebecca Zamolo revealed her Official New House Tour! (Found Secret Hidden Room Using Extreme Everyday Objects), Matt and Rebecca uploaded “Spying On My Wife in Disguise For 24 Hours! Crashing Date with Crush using Hacks and Girls Struggles” The Real Game Master created “Last to Leave Tiny House Wins It and $10,000!”, then the Game Master Incorporated posted “Coke and Mentos Experiment to Win Tiny Safe House!.” Now when everyone tries to be the first to leave we are trapped. Quickly we found the missing best friend Zoe. She was spying on the maintenance repair man but it turned into a game of hide and seek. Before they could get comfortable a secret message appears on the screen. It is a person in the black cloak called the Shining. In order to escape we have to complete the challenge. First they must do a trending tiktok life hacks. After each challenge a key appears and they must decide who they unlock or someone’s secret will reveal. Matts secret is that he might join the GMI. Can we trust Matt? Should we do a lie detector Rebecca’s husband. Matt and Rebecca complete the other challenges but are now not sure if they can trust anyone. Matt has a huge surprise. Next is a boys vs girls challenge and no-one can be alone. Daniel is able to hack into the feed and give the secret code to escape through the tunnel system. The Shining gives a personal message to Rebecca. What does that mean? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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