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Rebecca Zamolo and her best friends challenge hackers to a giant clue game in real life to finally defeat Al!

Rebecca Zamolo became best friends with hackers for 24 hours with her cousin Maddie and it was a bad idea. Matt and Rebecca were surprised when Daniel found Game Master living in our house while searching for clues to save his crush RZ twin. The queen of gems escaped while the game master network tried crushing soft and crunchy things with their Tesla X and is still missing. Rebecca and Matt decide to throw a clue in real life dinner party with all the top hackers to defeat Al. Daniel and Maddie try to help the couple prepare for the house takeover by tricking Al but it doesn’t work. We use the game master device to put Al into sleep mode for one hour. The hackers arrive in masquerade ball masks and carry spy gadgets. Rebecca gives the first speech but the queen of gems surprises everyone and traps us in the house. The first challenge is the death straw challenge and Maddie gets into the elimination round. The red hood loses and thinks the Halloween Hacker lied to her. The hackers all play roblox and must be first to find the four digit code. Rebecca doesn’t know who to trust. Inside the movie theater we see a hunger games board with an x on each eliminated hacker. Everyone hears a scream and runs into our studio except Maddie. The queen of gems has turned it tnto an escape room in real life where we must solve clues and riddles. Hacksaw does a face reveal after he hacks into Rebecca’s phone and we learn it’s Rocky. Time is running out to save RZ twin so Matt makes a secret deal with Mr. X to let him inside the tunnel. The hackers are skilled at 1 vs 1 play on Minecraft, Roblox, Fortnite and Piggy. Can we defeat Al before the Queen of Gems takes over? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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