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Rebecca Zamolo is trapped by her best friend inside the hacker mansion for a secret wedding.

After Rebecca Zamolo made “WORST WEDDING PHOTO Wins $10,000 Recreating Awkward Situations Matt Arrested w/ Riddles and Tricks”, Matt and Rebecca uploaded “Maddie is Missing after Challenge! Spending 24 Hours Searching Lost Friend Vs Spy Hacker Safe House.” The Real Game Master then created “MATT IS WANTED?! Framed by Game Master and Mr. X in Secret Meeting (Surprising Viral Disguise),” next The Game Master incorporated posted “LIE DETECTOR TEST ON GAME MASTER SPY! (Testing Viral Tiktok life hacks for Truth),” now everyone wakes up in different locations at the haunted hacker mansion or prison. The best friend of Rebecca traps her for 24 hours before the mystery wedding. Daniel wakes up in a hacker van and must rescue Matt who is trapped by Mr X. He uses spy gadgets to escape before the sleep cloud is released. Agent R wakes up to Alice’s boyfriend who is getting married today. Rebecca and the GMI agents meet up in courtyard and reveal new secrets about the big wedding ceremony but use an underground tunnel and GoPro to communicate. Its almost the leap year so the transfer of power is close. Daniel and Matt learn Maddie has been trapped and they try to save her but RZ twin arrives first. Matt and Daniel Stole the Hacker RV to help rescues Maddie but don’t have that much time. When they sneak in they find that Maddie is now Missing. Everyone else must compete in challenges to win $10,000. Challenges like top bridal games and musical chairs. It feels like they want them to be in awkward situations that are relatable. Finally they witness the wedding ceremony but it’s a surprise how it ends. It becomes a hide and seek challenge to escape Maybe if they stole the hacker van Maddie would escape and make her flight to Australia. Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2019 and 2020!

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