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Maddie reveals Rebecca’s pregnancy secret!

First Rebecca Zamolo realized Daniel trapped us in Game Master prison for a 24 hour challenge. @Matt and Rebecca then learned he betrayed us in lie detector test which turned into a face reveal of mystery spy RHS member outside of roblox. Finally @Game Master Network created rescuing Game Master from prison escape room. Rebecca decides to prank her cousin Maddie and surprise her with her dream car. Matt and Rebecca create a story that allows them to ignore Maddie for 24 hours when she reveals a big secret about Rebecca’s pregnancy. Is Rebecca Zamolo pregnant? Matt tries doing a tiktok with his wife to make Maddie jealous and it works. Next they recreate a Rebecca Maddie Fitness youtube video. 2 person yoga challenges aren’t funny unless they are a prank. Next before giving her the dream car Rebecca pretends to talk to the boss of Shawn Mendes. She won a zoom concert and Matt thinks they might become best friends. Finally Maddie decides she needs to prank Rebecca so she has a princess tea party while she takes best friend photos with Peanut. The last prank goes wrong whens he puts on a pregnancy belly. Matt gets upset and Rebecca finally reveals her big surprise with the dream car. How do you think Maddie will react? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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