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Rebecca Zamolo played the worst last to leave the ocean wins $10,000 after receiving another 24 hour challenge in Hawaii from the Game Master Inc. Watch next FIRST TIME TRAVELING PREGNANT https://youtu.be/wkn-LNuVU6o Switching Husbands 24 Hour Challenge https://youtu.be/RYQdphFKxj4 Babysitting Siblings as a mom for 24 hours https://youtu.be/qIInciwWUDM

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Rebecca Zamolo had 24 hours to compete in the worst last to leave ocean wins $10,000 with the Game Master network. The best friends used the mystery key and broke into Rocky’s hotel room in Hawaii. A message from the GMI appeared on the TV revealing they had 24hrs to find the hidden key for the black box. We aren’t sure if the GMI wants us to recreate a Morgz challenge or a Dobre Twins challenge, but it feels like an escape room in real life. Down at the ocean a mysterious man with a barcode tells us our boat is waiting for us. Should we trust him if he is he working for the GMI? The boat takes us to the middle of the ocean and we must begin searching for the hidden key while snorkeling. We explore underwater and Matt goes missing. This is the worst last to leave challenge we have played. Our best friend Rocky wants to enjoy his vacation but is the first to find the key. We agree to play a fun game so we can get the key back to open the black box. Daniel and Matt trick Rebecca and pretend to see a shark when she dives into the water. Finally, Rocky lets them open the black box and inside is a business card with a message from the GMI. They want us to make Rocky sign the contract if we want the $10,000. Should Rocky sign the GMI contract so we can go back to fun challenges on our vacation in Hawaii? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment comedy videos for in 2019!

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