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We can’t let the Agents take our tiny house in this challenge!

After Rebecca Zamolo created Official New House Tour! (Found Secret Hidden Room Using Extreme Everyday Objects), Matt and Rebecca uploaded “Spying On My Wife in Disguise For 24 Hours! Crashing Date with Crush using Hacks and Girls Struggles” The Real Game Master created “Found Hidden Lake of Secrets While Helping RZ Twin! (Secret Meeting with Game Master Reveals Hacks)”, then the Game Master Incorporated posted “Coke and Mentos Experiment to Win Tiny Safe House!.” Now we must come up with a good challenge that we can win at. Since Rebecca is good at endurance we did the last to leave the tiny house wins it. If we can be the first to stay we will win back the house. Daniel is the first out but he did it to trick the agents since he needs to talk to RZ twin. He gives the message to Matt when he is eliminated to start looking for another piece as they are in the house. Who do you think will win?

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