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First Rebecca Zamolo uploaded Maddie’s Giant SECRET REVEAL! (We Tested Viral TikTok Life Hacks vs TRUTH) $10,000 Genius Challenge then Matt and Rebecca created Escape Hackers Boat to Rescue Maddie! (Spending 24 HOURS vs. Life Hacks in Hidden Secret Room Wins), The Real Game Master made Rebecca Found Secret Code in Hacker Escape Room Trap! Spending 24 Hours in Clues after Battle Royale, the Game Master Incorporated posted Game Master Book of Secrets Code Reveal! (Maddie missing after Hacker Hide and Seek Chase), now Agent R is coming over because Maddie is keeping a giant secret. If she tells Agent R he will be defeated and might think he has to win a battle royale in real life to escape. However something is completely wrong. Every time they try to date the day starts over in reverse. Matt tries announcing who won the best viral tik tok life hack grand prize of $10,000 but it fails fast. Next he tries to make sure Maddie and the Agent don’t date but it is wrong. Finally RZ twin surprises him with a secret meeting in his room. She says to stop ruining the date. When he returns they go on their first date and Maddie gives the final clue of using the black light on the invitation. Could this be the secret key? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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