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Matt and Rebecca jump through impossible shapes for 24 hours to reveal hidden secrets about each other.

Recently Rebecca Zamolo who is my wife tried surprising Connor with a 2020 youtube graduation in our backyard and ended up with a surprise prom and first dance with his Crush Zoe. That was all after Daniel set up an extreme ninja obstacle course in our backyard. Now Matt must do the splits like a gymnast through impossible shapes. Connor was payback on his sister so he tricks her by putting crickets in her pants. Matt, Maddie, Rebecca and Connor all compete in the funny backyard challenge game. Who ever wins the most points at the end of the challenge game gets to open one of our secrets. Can we trust anyone right now or should we all take a lie detector test? Rebecca sneaks into the realm to meet with her new best friend Orion who gives her a house tour of his fairy tale cottage. He shares his secret game master decoder ring and black light system. He also gives clues about his favorite book and the queen of gems. Someone is spying on them while they are competing and no one knows who it is. Who wins and who can we trust? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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