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Rebecca Zamolo spent 24 hours training to be a mermaid in real life!

Recently Rebecca Zamolo recreated Christmas in summer to open surprise mystery gift from the game master. That was right before Matt and Rebecca tried pranking Maddie with her celebrity crush in a boys vs girls prank war were the best prank wins. But first the game master network had to decide if the gm was good or evil in the game master test. Now Rebecca and Maddie are getting ready for a 24 hour challenge of becoming a mermaid. After they have. awkward situations they are greeted brainer the mermaid trainer which looks like Maddie’s crush but in a secret disguise. Matt turns into Elsa and starts working in disguise as a red hood spy postmates driver. His first delivery is 20 frozen popsicles to a park for a secret meeting. Rebecca and Maddie compete in challenges to see who will open the next mystery gift. Mr X turns out to be the rhs spy and jumps in the car for another date. Will Matt get information or will this turn into another bad idea. He remembers 15 ways to get out of a first date and tries them. Rebecca wins the race and the final test is to see who can find the most buried treasure. Who do you think will win? Now that they aren’t little mermaid in real life any more do you think the next gift will give them a better clue? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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