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How did my best friend go missing after a battle royale? First Rebecca Zamolo uploaded “Going Through My EVIL TWINS Camera Roll to Reveal SECRETS.” Matt and Rebecca created “Saying Yes to My Best Friend for 24 Hours Challenge!” Finally the Game Master Network made “Last To Leave The Pirate Ship Wins at 3AM.” So now while looking for RZ twin that she is either at the enchanted forest or at a restaurant. Matt and Rebecca split up and and start searching in this giant scavenger hunt in real life. While Matt does a battle royale and wins his best friend loses and gets taken by the evil red hood spies. Maddie and Rebecca find a trail of pickles and onions which leads them to a park. They are able to meet up with Matt and get into another battle royale with a drone guy mysteriously flying it to spy. Who do you think will win and will Maddie go missing now too? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021.

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