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Rebecca Zamolo had her first time copying a teenager for the day with Piper Rockelle for a 24 hour challenge. Matt and Rebecca then experienced a drone prank gone wrong and found RHS spy during Diy pranks and funny tricks. The Game master network competed in a real food vs weird utensils challenge to win a mystery gift. Now they scanned the QR code in snapchat which gave the geo location of Mr Nice Guy’s safe house. Once inside the squad, Rebecca, Matt, Maddie and Robbie Rob discover a giant water park in his backyard. Matt has to face his biggest fear of heights while his best friend jumps in the giant pool. Mr Nice guy sees them and starts to bargain. If he can trade something he will and he has a lot of the disguises found in Rebecca’s new house. Gems from incredibles in real life and masks from clue in real life. The porch pirate arrives an has a secret meeting. He wants the game master’s reactivator. After Rebecca was spying she sees that the mystery man has a giant safe. He shows them a riddle on how to get inside and disappears. Rebecca and Maddie try to solve the clue while Matt and Robbie Rob explore a 3 story tree house. Do you think they can find the code in 15 minutes? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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