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Rebecca Zamolo is emotional when her cousin Maddie leaves the GMN.
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Rebecca Zamolo made a giant inside out movie in real life to save lost memories. Matt and Rebecca then realized Maddie’s Crush might not make it and an emotional goodbye to best friend would happen. The Game Master network did a last to leave the freezing pool challenge wins for Robbie Rob’s missing memory. Maddie is mad at her cousin Rebecca for lying. Rebecca decides to surprise Maddie with a Disney princess tea party in hopes she’ll forgive her. A mysterious RHS sneaks into the bedroom to reveal secret information. Robbie Rob gets in disguise and sneaks into a secret meeting with the Red Hood Spies. Rebecca then surprises her best friend with a new iphone 11 pro max and she forgives her. They both do a tik tok challenge but Rebecca steals her phone. The RHS take RR into a secret room and lock the door. Matt calls his wife Rebecca because he doesn’t know what’s inside. The wrong person picks up and Maddie is finished. She packs up and leaves the game master forever. Will she ever come back? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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Original Video Published 2020-08-09 14:35:16

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