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I only ate Red Foods for 24 hours to find missing hacker computer piece.

After we did the 24 hour challenge where we spent our time in the woods overnight surviving the wilderness we intercepted a very important computer piece to stop the red hood and save youtube. We had to find the best hiding spot in the hidden safe house to protect the game master during our mission. Today we need to only eat red foods for the day in order to find the right location of the exchange. We went to a grocery store were Matt and Rebecca along with Daniel were searching for 3 minutes each. Daniel found that they could go to other locations within the radius of the exchange point. They went to McDonald’s, Taco Bell and a donut shop but did not have any luck. The last location is Starbucks and in order to get the hidden piece matt had to put on a disguise to hide his true identity. He discovered a red velvet cake that was not sold by starbucks. Before they could look inside a member of the quadrant arrived and it turned into a chase. Can they get the device in time to stop the hackers? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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