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Rebecca Zamolo learns how to build the world’s tallest tower using only back to school supplies and it was the WORST! Watch next LAST TO LEAVE OCEAN Wins $10,000! https://youtu.be/qjmq-moACRQ First Time Traveling Pregnant https://youtu.be/wkn-LNuVU6o Switching Husbands 24 Hour Challenge https://youtu.be/RYQdphFKxj4

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Rebecca Zamolo and Matt left Hawaii came home to a new Game Master challenge with Daniel. Rocky said he was coming over to tell the truth, but can we trust him? The three best friends found scrabble letters on the floor along with a GMI business card saying that the tallest back to school tower wins. They played the Morgz whatever you spell I’ll buy challenge to see what budget they would get to buy the school supplies. I wonder if we spell Lamborghini like Collins Key did if we can count that as a back to school item for 24 hours? Matt and Rebecca beat Daniel who got the smallest budget. Once arriving at Target Matt and Rebecca had 10 minutes to buy whatever they could carry of back to school supplies. Rebecca chose backpacks of markers and pens to use along with construction paper to decorate her tower. Matt collected giant containers to stack up high and tape to build the fort. Daniel had the smallest budget so he combined diy supplies and cardboard boxes to build the best tower. Back at home they began building their diy tower and try not to fall while they waited for Rocky to reveal the truth about the Game Master. Rebecca tried to build the world’s biggest back to school tower and Matt used the spiral staircase to stack the school supplies. Daniel had the worst tower and loses immediately. The married couple tries to decide who winner is when Rocky finally shows up. He acts very mysterious and brings in a mystery man. It’s our best friend Q from the quadrant who does a face reveal. Do you think we should have Q take a lie detector test so we can get information about the GMI contract?

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