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First, Rebecca Zamolo created Giant REWIND Musical in REAL LIFE w/ Sofie Dossi, Merrell Twins, Piper Rockelle, Brianna and Rebecca. Then Matt and Rebecca uploaded Emotional Secret Reveal in Lie Detector Test of Best Friend! The Game Master network realized that Matt’s Best Friend is Hypnotized in Hot vs Sweet vs Sour Challenge! Now in order to get Maddie to stay at our house and not move it out, we need to give her a nightmare before christmas. Not only is it her favorite movie but she doesn’t know how scary living alone is. Rebecca reminds her that she won’t have any friends, Zoe the hacker gives her statics that its not that safe. Matt reveals that Maddie might not be able to date or fall in love. And Daniel gives her memories of how evil it can be. When the MC arrives it looks and sounds a lot like Matt’s best friend. Can this be rick noah? When the mysterious person is seen hacking into AL Zoe gets suspicious but goes missing. Should we confront them? Finally we do a face reveal. Who do you think this mystery person is? Could it be the real jack from nightmare before christmas? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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