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Matt and Rebecca compete in Ninja skills obstacle coarse for a face reveal!

Recently Rebecca Zamolo was in a giant miss America pageant at home in real life to reveal hidden secrets. Before that Matt and Rebecca recorded Rebecca’s back in the hospital for an Emergency Room Trip. Now Daniel has set up a giant obstacle coarse in our backyard to see who has the best ninja skills. Conner is sad because he missed his graduation and prom. Rebecca wants to compete but since she had an emergency trip to the hospital she has to sit this one out. She tries to show everyone how to do gymnastics but it gets boring. Matt shows Connor and Maddie how to use a sword for the fruit ninja challenge. Matt explains the coarse. First they must go through a giant slip n slide with punishments. Next is the tiny car challenge. Then they have to try walking across the last to fall in beam over the pool. Contestants try to get a hole in one trick shot on the golf course. Then you have to cross the floor is lava in the tiny house. Each person tries to complete the fruit ninja in real life then finish with a slam dunk contest. Fastest time wins the right to open someones secret given to us by the Halloween Hacker. Since Rebecca isn’t in the challenge she sneaks into the house to try to use the portal transmitter the game master gave us. Inside is a new realm that is now open. When she returns she tries to look in the secret envelopes but Matt catches her. Can we trust Rebecca or is she keeping a secret from us. Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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