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For this Back to School challenge Rebecca Zamolo tried making two giant diy squishes by following a how to tutorial by Karina Garcia. After watching Karina’s video where you learn how to make a giant squishy, I made the world’s largest pencil and apple and let you control my life for a day. I put polls out on my instagram and let you decide what color the apple should be (red or green). After letting the paint dry for 24 hours, my Zamfam voted if I should destroy the giant squishes and try not to push them into the water.
I can’t believe summer is almost over and we’re getting ready for back to school! I wanted to do a mix of my summer fun video series with school supplies. To start off this video I first had to buy supplies that included foam, glue and paint. I didn’t realize how much time it would take to paint a diy giant squishy and had to wait 24hrs for it to dry. I’m thankful I had my husband (not brother) and friend to help me finish this project. I usually fail at DIYs, but let me know if you thought it was a success!

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Supplies I used:
paint primer
food dye and vibrant color
contact adhesive

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