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Matt and Rebecca Zamolo learn how to make DIY spy Gadgets to rescue RZ twin from the Safe House!

After Rebecca Zamolo tricked her husband Matt with Divorcing for 24 hours Matt was spying on his wife and got emotional. Now they need to break back into the safe house to rescue the RZ twin. First they need to gather home made items in their house to see what they can make. Daniel, Matt and Rebecca split up and start searching. Rebecca is able to make a listening device using cups and string while Daniel found a missing iphone. He thinks he can make it into a hidden spy camera. They make up a plan to break into the safe house. When they get there the camera reveals that a dog is inside. Daniel tried to hack into the door but it was actually open. One of the locked doors had a person inside which ended up being RZ Twin. Rebecca used her twin telepathy to confirm it was. Can we save her in time to stop the hackers from taking over vidcon? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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