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Rebecca Zamolo and Casey Simpson made DiY slime to see who made better slime based on the ASMR for this fun challenge! Casey is a Nickelodeon actor ...Read more

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Don't make giant DIY Fluffy slime backwards with bath bombs! I tried and learn how to make giant DIY Fluffy Slime backwards using bath bombs and no ...Read more

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SLIME DISASTER, Moldy Slime in our PO Box! (Day 3)

January 3 2018 , by Matt and Rebecca

We unbox a ton of slime and we stumble upon a slime disaster as we have moldy slime in our PO box. Have you ever tried to fix moldy slime? Watch Reb...Read more

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Check out the latest spy hacker laser escape room video:https://youtu.be/32LFLjDk0Oo This DIY Fixing Slime Challenge (Kids vs Adults) was so fun a...Read more

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March 31 2017 , by Rebecca Zamolo

Thumbs up this video if it was satisfying watching us make Magnetic Slime, Crunchy Slime, Galaxy Slime, Orbeez Slime, and Pearl Slime! Be sure to ch...Read more

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