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In today’s video, the best friends decide to use giant legos to make a diy waterslide in their backyard. Matt thinks this is the worst idea, but Rebe...Read more

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Rebecca Zamolo is the first to build the world’s biggest diy water slide using only giant legos in her backyard.

The Game Master incorporated has been hacking into our channel since we signed the contract and we need to talk to RZ twin who can reveal the truth. ...Read more

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Rebecca Zamolo made a giant gymnastics fort for Hide and Seek with RZ Twin!

Rebecca throws a gadget to trick them and the two best friends escape. Matt sneaks into a hiding spot and hears a secret meeting about searching for ...Read more

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Rebecca Zamolo tries to find the best hiding spot in this hacker hide and seek challenge at the Red Hood’s safe house.

Will Rebecca Zamolo find the best hiding spot in hide and seek challenge from the Red Hood hacker?

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